West Reading Apparatus

Fire Apparatus

Ladder 64


Ladder 64 is a 2012 Crimson 103\' quint aerial apparatus.  It is equipped with a 2000 GPM Waterous water pump with a 500 gallon water tank.  It also has room for 8 fully equipped firefighters and carries various different pieces of equipment:

  • 2 preconnected 200\' 1 3/4" attack lines
  • 1 preconnected 200\' 2" attack line
  • 1 preconnected 200\' 2 1/2" attack line
  • 775\' of 5" supply hose
  • TFT hydrant assist valve
  • 10KW Harrison hydraulic generator
  • 2 Cutters Edge vent saws and 2 rotary vent saws
  • 194\' of ground ladders
  • V...

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Engine 64

  Seagrave 1500 GPM Pumper

Engine 64 is the primary water supply engine for fires in the Borough.  It responds to all structural, vehicle, and miscellaneous type fires here in West Reading.  It is equipped with a 1500 GPM Waterous 2-stage water pump, 500 gallon water tank, 1000\' of both 5" and 3" supply hose, 300\' of pre-connected 3" hose set up as an "alley pack", (1)  200\' of 2 1/2" pre-connected attack line and (2) 200\' of 1 3/4" pre-connected attack lines off of each side.   It also has 100\' of 1 1/2" hose in the front bumper that is used as a "trash line".  It also carries (7) Scott SCBA, various hand ...

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Rescue 64


Rescue 64 is a light duty rescue apparatus that responds to all motor vehicle accidents with injuries, haz-mat incidents, and miscellaneous calls in the Borough.  It is also equipped to handle Rapid Intervention Team calls in neighboring jurisdictions.  It is equipped with a portable Amkus Rescue Systems gas power unit with a 32" spreader, Speedway cutter and 12" x 24" hydraulic ram.  It also has an on-board Genesis electric power unit with a pre-connected Brute Vario combi tool with 100\' of hydraulic hose.  It carries a full compliment of 2"x 4" and 4"x4" hardwood cribbing, Junkyard Dog rescue struts, farm jacks, and other...

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Utility 64

  Ford F-250

 Utility 64 is equipped with seating for 5 firefighters, a Scott 4.5 SCBA, portable and mobile radios, command equipment, and EMS equipment for assisting ambulance crews at emergency scenes.  Its primary use is to transport fire department personnel to emergency scenes and training.  It also serves as a command post at some large-scale emergencies.  

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Traffic 64

  Dodge Dakota

 Traffic 64 is the first traffic unit for the WRFD's fire police.  It served the borough's code enforcement department from new and was turned over to the fire department in early 2015.  It is outfitted with additional traffic control equipment that cannot be carried on the fire apparatus.  It can transport 5 members to an emergency scene.  It is also used as a backup to Utility 64 if it isn't in service.  

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1987 Seagrave

  Seagrave 100\' Quint

Ladder 64 was the primary structural fire attack apparatus in the Borough from 1987 until 2011.  It was equipped with a 100\' steel aerial ladder with a pre-piped waterway, a Waterous 2-stage 1500 GPM water pump with 300 gallons of water, 900\' of 3\" supply line, (2) 1 3/4\" pre-connected attack lines, (1) 2 1/2\" pre-connected attack line, and a TFT Blitzfire portable master stream nozzle packed with 100\' of 2 1/2\" hose.  It carried 219\' of ground ladders, an MSA thermal imaging camera, (7) Scott SCBA with spare cylinders and various hand and power tools.  It was also equipped with a 8KW diesel generator on-board w...

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1975 Seagrave

  Seagrave 1250 GPM Pumper

This apparatus served the Borough from 1975-2000.  It is currently owned by the Schuylkill Historical Fire Society. 

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1981 Chevrolet Squad

  Chevrolet Step Van

This apparatus was purchased by the West Reading Fire Department and donated to the Borough.  It was our first utility vehicle that was desigined to carry extra equipment and personnel to the fire scene.  It was in service from 1981 until it was replaced in 1998.  It was then turned over the Borough's Public Works Department and now is used by the Chester County SWAT team.   

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1966 Seagrave

  Seagrave 75\' quint

This was the first aerial ladder purchased for the department by the Borough.  It was in service from 1966 until it was replaced in 1987.  It was then sold to the Macadoo Fire Company in Schuylkill County, PA and remained in service there until it was damaged in a fire at their station.  It was then transferred to the Schuylkill County fire training center. 

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1966 Ladder, 1975 Engine and 1980 Squad


A photo of all three of our apparatus in the old station at 430 Franklin Street taken in the early 1980's. 

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1954 Seagrave

  Seagrave 750 GPM Pumper

This apparatus served the Borough from 1954-1975.  It was then sold to the Sinking Spring Fire Co.

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1941 Mack

  Mack Quad

This apparatus served the Borough from 1941 until 1966, when it was replaced by the 1966 Seagrave that was the first true "quint" owned by the Borough. 

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1924 American-LaFrance

  Motorized Chemical Apparatus

This apparatus was purchased by the Borough in 1924 at a cost of $3800.00.  It served the Borough until the 1941 Mack Quad was purchased. 

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1922 Ahrens Fox

  Ahrens Fox Pumper

This is the first motorized fire apparatus purchased by the Borough for the fire department.  It was in service from 1922 until it was replaced in 1954. 

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1913 Combination Wagon

  Combination Horse Drawn Chemical Wagon

In 1913 the company purchased a more modern combination chemical wagon and also a new pair of horses, Major and Coaley.  They are pictured here with the wagon driven by Frank and Edward Struble. 

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1909 Sprinkler Wagon

  Sprinkler Wagon

In May of 1909, the Borough paid $500.00 to purchase a new sprinkler wagon and the first pair of horses for the company, named Bill and Dan.  The horses were also used to pull a dump wagon for the borough, but their main duty was to pull the combination fire wagon.  These photo's show Bill and Dan pulling the wagon driven by Urias Klein.   

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1905 Combination Wagon

The second apparatus of the comapny was a combination wagon that was originally owned by the Mt. Penn Fire Company.  It was purchased from them at a cost of $400.00 and placed in service.  At that time, horses owned by one of the founders of the company, Urias Klein, were used to pull the wagon.   

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  Combination Wagon

1901 Hose Cart

  Hand Drawn Hose Cart

This was the original apparatus of the West Reading Fire Company.  It was purchased by the company at a cost of $25.00 from George W. Miller of Reading and put into service on October 21, 1901.  The first hose carried on the apparatus was tested by the members of the Neversink Fire Company of Reading.  This photo shows the cart in front of the original headquarters of the department, 343 Franklin Street.

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2004 Ford Explorer

  Ford Explorer

Car 64 is a former police vehicle converted for the use of the fire department by our members,  It carries a command cabinet for use at large-scale incidents, a folding extension ladder, a laptop computer with wireless Internet access, and (1) Scott 2.2 SCBA.  It is equipped to carry 5 firefighters to the scene. 

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1995 Chevrolet Blazer

  Chevrolet Blazer

This vehicle was also a retired West Reading Police car that we used as our 2nd station car.  It was sold to the Kenhorst Fire Company to be used as their station car. 

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1994 Ford Crown Victoria

  Ford Crown Victoria

This vehicle was purchased from the Wyomissing Fire Department by the West Reading Fire Company in 2004 and then donated to the Borough for use as our first station car.  It served us from 2004 until 2008 when it was replaced by the 1995 Blazer.   

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